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Client Testimonials

“I would like to thank you Tom for making a big difference in the way I look at numbers. I consider myself as a business owner who understand her "numbers" (now into my 6th year in business and 10 employees), but never realized I can understand the bankers. Tom with the profit mastery program made it clear and easy to read and predict my profit like a pro. I can see the business differently now and can work the numbers in my small business like large cooperatives do successfully. I highly recommend any one who opened a business few years ago and wants to grow to take this workshop especially when you think you know everything about your business.”
Limor Friedman Owner at “Vancouver In The Box”

“An absolute must for owners/managers/advisors – after completing even one of the sections, you just want to drive into your financials and uncover all the potential issues.”
Cathy Banting, Finance Director, the Garage Door Depot

“Most effective Business Tool I’ve learned to date”
Guy Bouchard, Major Welding

“The Profit Mastery program material has immense value for your own business”
Liane Hyatt, Certified QuickBooks Bookkeeper

“Business Owners can benefit from taking this course. The comprehensive information provide in this program gives business owners with the tools necessary to succeed in their businesses and be more profitable. Tom is very knowledgeable. “
Dean Carmen, President, the Garage Door Depot

“Every business owner should take this course to truly understand how to make a business profitable”
Jonathan Ng, TD Small Business Advisor

“I am writing this letter to inform you about my satisfaction, no my delight, with the Profit Mastery video seminar program. I was not sure what to expect with video based training. I had heard only praises about the live Profit Mastery seminar from attendees I spoke with in our network, but was not sure how that translated in a video format. After going through the facilitator training and experiencing using the facilitator guide and attendee workbook in a real workshop environment, I can only say that you met and exceeded my expectations.”
Terry L. Chambers, Training Director, Washington State SBDC

Profit Mastery is a great course. It should be mandatory for every business owner and/or SME financial manager. The fee is well worth the education you will get. We sent 3 Team Members from our financial department and are very pleased.
Blair Wilson -COO/CFO at Coast Automation Inc.

Tom was a wonderful facilitator when our staff attended his Profit Mastery course. He kept us interested and engaged and was friendly and helpful throughout the course. I would recommend Tom to any business owner that wants to learn more about assessing the financial success of their business.
Joyce Wishart, Managing Director, NALH Business Solutions Ltd.

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