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Profit Mastery: Focus on Profit Maximization

Financial training, with a strong focus on profit maximization, is one of the most important elements of business success. Profit Mastery has worked with financial institutions and branches for over 30 years to provide powerful and practical financial education for business clients and prospects.

Our focus is both on credit quality and business development which creates a strong and consistent framework for your staff, clients, and prospects.

Many business people think of finance as necessary but not as interesting. We work with you and your clients to teach you to understand how a company generates profit and cash flow and why it’s so important to understand business banking and financials. We teach you how to identify and manage key profitability and cash flow drivers – and teach your business clients how to manage their business more effectively, and successfully, from a financial perspective.

Our approach is to simplify financial ‘talk’ and make it clear – and even fun – that the learning outcomes are going to benefit the business. You will be able to better understand and apply basic financial concepts learned to your own business or share what you learn with your clients and prospects.

Build Your Small Business Banking Client Relationships and Differentiate Your Bank Through Education-Based Marketing

Tom Lewis, Profit Mastery Canada trainer, was a business account manager at a leading Canadian financial institution for more than 23 years before founding his own company, Summit Fiscal Management Inc. Tom learned the value of Profit Mastery eight years ago and has since integrated the program into his financial management training and business consulting work. With an office in the Tri-Cities in BC, Canada, Tom is available for in-person training and consulting in the Greater Vancouver region or online for clients world-wide. Tom works closely with you and your clients to improve their understanding of business banking, financial management planning and profit maximization.

Unique Approach

Profit Mastery is unique in its approach and stands out from the rest. Needless to say, if a small business person sees enough value to take a couple of days away from their business to attend a seminar, you have really accomplished something. We look...

True Resource for Clients

Our financial institution clients tell us that Profit Mastery has helped to “make me a much better banker and a true resource for clients".

Why Financial Institutions?

In the increasingly competitive banking marketplace, financial institutions are continuously striving to gain a competitive advantage. In many ways, bank products are all very similar – approaching commodity status. Value-added programs, products, and services are seen as points of differentiation.

Why Use Education as a Key Point of Differentiation?

Because education – specifically, financial education – is the primary need of the business community. This has been identified in numerous studies, in a variety of markets worldwide.

How does providing our business clients with financial training opportunities translate into more business for our bank?

By helping your core customers grow and succeed, you will grow your institution’s customer base, increase your retention rate, and improve your conversion rate.

Turn Your Clients Into Raving Fans of Your Bank
“Profit Mastery is unique in its approach and stands out from the rest. Needless to say, if a small business person sees enough value to take a couple of days away from their business to attend a seminar, you have really accomplished something. We look forward to continuing to work together in the years ahead.”
— J.W. Bowden, Executive VP, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Client Retention and Increased Performance
Profit Mastery helps the client and the banker “sing from the same sheet of music,”; the consistent result is dramatically-improved communication and results – for both the business client and the financial institution. For the financial institution, this leads to improved performance and client retention, along with increased referrals.

Why Profit Mastery?

With decades of experience in developing and delivering financial training, Profit Mastery has evolved into a financial performance system that provides unique value in the highly competitive banking markets; this program can help you and your bank become more successful supporting your business clients.

Profit Mastery has worked extensively with hundreds of banks — large and small — to bring financial resources to thousands of your staff, clients, and prospects. We started out as a financial training program; we’ve evolved to more than that as we focus on business performance, business development and retention.

We have earned an excellent reputation for providing financial management and business planning education and resources. We have developed an engaging format that provides business owners with information to help move their businesses forward.

When we work with financial institutions we brand the program for your institution; in turn, you reap the reward and recognition from your clients when they leave with new knowledge and applications for their business strength, including basic financial concepts.

Profit Mastery has an international reputation for providing unparalleled financial management and business planning education and resources to owners, managers, advisors, and bankers of independent business. We have developed a unique way of providing education thousands of business owners have described as “the best program they have ever attended” and how “they will never look at their businesses the same way again!” We accomplish this with a unique combination of information, motivation…and humor! Since the program is branded and sponsored by you, it really becomes your bank’s program.

What’s the Best Way for Us to Evaluate the Fit of Profit Mastery for Our Financial Institution?
It’s simple. We advocate a pilot program consisting of both onsite and online programs. Ideally, we conduct presentations to small businesses in groups of 10 to 15. These presentations are either online programs world-wide or live at locations in the Greater Vancouver Region. At the end of the live presentation, we meet with you to discuss feedback and marketing strategy. This is followed by four, 4 hours onsite programs for clients preceded about 10 weeks by three 2-day staff sessions. For online presentations outside of the Greater Vancouver area, we will coordinate online meetings and training.

What’s the Compelling Reason for Us to Invest in Profit Mastery? What’s the value?
When you help people improve their business, they will want to work with you (or do more work with you). Profit Mastery helps your staff synchronize with your clients and your clients synchronize with their business plans and networks. This unique value proposition helps existing clients grow, reduces attrition, and facilitates new business development. That’s how you grow a Small Business Advisor portfolio.

What are the Key Success Factors?

  • Put senior management support behind the initiative ― by doing it right.
  • Commit all lenders to go through the “lender version” of the program ― and then require each of them to send five (5) people per year.
  • Put in place a process to actually follow-up on the opportunities created in the evaluations.

How Do You Measure Success?
Go beyond a profit loss analysis of the direct costs of providing financial training for your clients. Look at changes in the following:

  1. Customer retention
  2. Market share
  3. Wallet share

We presume you know what 1% of market share is worth to your financial institution ― and would hope to see a 2½% shift over five years.

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