Successful Franchise Management Requires Proven Profitability Strategies

Profit Mastery for Franchisors

For successful franchise management, you need to develop profitability strategies that are specific to your business. Learn how to improve cash flow, financial control, bankability and profitability through effective training and development with Profit Mastery.

A primary goal for all business owners is to improve your business unit’s profitability and performance. Making more profit, improving cash flow management, developing a comprehensive understanding of financial control and financial management to achieve your objectives are all important and necessary business activities – and they all start with smart money management.

An area that Profit Mastery specializes in is working with franchisees and franchisors – especially for those new to either the franchise or the business world. The demands on franchisors are significant – in addition to developing new products, providing marketing and operations training, tools and support, and delivering all the services, manuals, templates and operating processes and procedures – franchisors need to provide financial management guidance at the business unit or individual franchise level. To do all of this effectively it is necessary to create an organizational structure at both the franchisee and the franchisor level.

Developing field staff advisory skills needs to be a priority as they become the front-line support for the individual franchise owners. We can help you with that staff development – particularly from a financial control and management perspective but also with a focus on all elements of the business that benefit from strong profitability strategies and overall franchise management development.

Our Profit Mastery process is proven and effective: we are experienced at assisting franchisees improve profitability and cash flow management while supporting the franchise network overall. Our process includes training and education, benchmarking and access to peer performance information and groups, and financial analysis and management planning tools. We deliver the information you need in a clear and consistent format – you build your knowledge in a step-by-step approach that enables you to better understand, and manage, the finances, human resources, operations, and marketing functions of your business.

Typically, we will start the Profit Mastery journey through the delivery of an overview session (90 minutes) and a subsequent action-oriented workshop (90 minutes) to all franchisees (often at a national or regional conference). From there we can develop direct one-on-one training and consulting or group sessions that will build on the foundation of the overview and workshop. Our sessions are designed to inform, motivate and engage – in a supportive and knowledge-centered environment. Our presenters receive excellent feedback at all conferences that we attend – we are typically top-rated. We are focused on motivating you and building excitement and interest in the ‘numbers’ topic that is so important to all businesses.

What is Profit Mastery?

Your company’s success can be supported through Profit Mastery’s financial performance system – it can be the differentiator that separates your business from all the others.

Our financial management and business planning program has delivered resources and education to many businesses, franchises, banks, associations, and universities. We offer more than a training program; we focus on your business’ performance and development. We provide you with the tools and resources to continuously improve your performance. Of course, we believe in what we say – so learning outcomes are measurable and sustainable.

Client Comments and Feedback:

Instrumental to Educate Franchisees

Profit Mastery tools and resources were instrumental in helping us educate our franchisees on the critical issues.

Highest Franchisee Satisfaction

In the entire franchise industry, Home Instead Senior Care ranks highest in franchisee satisfaction, and is the company many franchisors wish to emulate.Home Instead's endless dedication to their franchisees andunit-level performance has put them in a very...

Outstanding Program

Profit Mastery Founder and Chairman , Steve LeFever, is one of the best speakers I have ever seen, and the best by far on this topic. I recommend you run ... don't walk, to sign up for this outstanding program.

Contact me to find out more about what Profit Mastery can do to help your franchise management success!
Tom Lewis

As you may know, I was referred to you by one of our competitors who said that if we want to educate the franchisee on the financial side of the business, Steve LeFever can do it like no one else. I have to admit that this prediction came true. The proof of the pudding is in the eating — and I am pleased to report that our franchisees discretionary income increased by 30%.

Gerald Berglerm

Executive Vice President, American Speedy Printing Center

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