Small Business Financial Planning

Profit Mastery: Focus on Profit Maximization

Profit Mastery programs provide practical small business financial planning tools that help entrepreneurs like you enhance your financial acumen to achieve greater goals.

Our programs are specifically designed for three types of clients:

  • Individuals that are in the early stages of business and don’t know how to read or understand financial statements, don’t have financial systems in place and need a roadmap to help achieve short, medium and long term goals.
  • Entrepreneurs who have established growing sales and are eager to take the business to a whole new level. If you’re in this category, you may have concerns about cash flow crunches, maintaining profitability and operational efficiency. You need financial planning tools that can help you make better management decisions and use those decisions to get more favourable terms from your lenders
  • Larger more established businesses, whose success is dependent on the financial management skills of your corporate finance staff. If this is your business, then you may need someone who can deliver this financial know-how in a powerful, straight-forward, plain English approach.

Profit Mastery offers flexible learning options from live facilitated group workshops, in-house presentations for corporate clients or business networks, and an easy and convenient online program. We also offer software that works with QuickBooks to help entrepreneurs and businesses implement our systems seamlessly into your existing bookkeeping structure.

Who would benefit most from this training?

Small Business Owners with sales from $300,000 to $3,000,000 annually and/or Businesses with 5 or more employees. We specialize in training for specific industries:

  • Manufacturers, such as Machinery & Equipment, Fabrication, Machine Shops and Cabinet Makers
  • Wholesalers, such as Building Materials, HVAC, Clothing Suppliers, Food or Beverage Distribution
  • Contractors, such as Painters, Welders, Electricians, Air Conditioning, Plumbers & Refrigeration
  • Service providers such as Locksmiths, Restoration Companies & Landscaping
  • Professionals, such as Pharmacists, Optometrists, Engineers and Architects
  • Retailers such as, Furniture, Flooring, Hardware, Clothing, Jewelers & Tire Stores

Tom Lewis of Summit Fiscal Management delivers small business financial planning and training, and financial business consulting services, throughout the Northern Okanagan, BC area. To learn more about which programs might be right for you, or your staff, and to get more information, please contact us directly at

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