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Financial Management Resources and Training

Effective financial management resources are a key element for business success; your trade association needs to provide the best financial management training, tools and solutions to help your business succeed.

Drive Your Trade Association Member Benefits and Value

With Profit Mastery’s Financial Management Tools and Resources

Core Member Benefits

Do you want to help your Members succeed? You can provide them with the resources to better manage their businesses.

Profit Mastery has a track record of more than 25 years of providing industry, business and trade associations with the resources and tools to help association members improve bankability, cash flow, and profitability.

As an active association, you need to provide your members with

  1. Keynote and Workshop presenters for conventions, conferences or educational programs that combine substance with entertainment;
  2. A high quality and high value educational curriculum;
  3. Opportunities to build strategic alliances with suppliers to create revenue-sharing opportunities.

We can help you achieve these goals and to provide ongoing and long-lasting value to your membership.

Thought provoking info from Tom Lewis of Profit Mastery yesterday & Thank you to the TriCities Chamber of Commerce for organizing and hosting an exceptional event!

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Provide Members with Financial Management Training

Financial training is usually not the favourite education topic for most associations and businesses. This topic can be dry and somewhat ‘mind-numbing’ for many business owners and managers, however developing a strong understanding of business financials is a necessity for all businesses and associations. Providing the financial management resources and tools to your members help them build a strong foundation for success.

Profit Mastery delivers not only financial management training, but also provides an understanding of the importance of planning, benchmarking and connecting business functions. We deliver these financial management tools and resources in a fun and lively format that engages – yes, learning how to optimize financial management for your business can be an enjoyable experience!

Profit Mastery has delivered this information to association networks worldwide – and we’ve been asked to come back and provide the latest information and educational resources. We provide benchmark studies and enable peer performance groups. We are experienced at working with a wide range of industry, business and trade associations and are committed to providing value to your members. We are focused on practical financial education – and more importantly, on enabling business owners and managers to implement what they learn.

What does Profit Mastery offer?

Profit Mastery is a financial performance system that can provide the catalyst for business success: we work with business owners and managers, industry and trade associations, and franchisees and franchisors to help you build your business. Our financial management resources deliver outcomes focused on improved business development and performance.

Our development of our unique financial management training and education program delivers information and resources that can be applied easily and quickly.

A few of the skills that we can help your members build include:

  • How to diagnose and monitor your company’s financial performance
  • How to use break-even analysis to make better cost and pricing decisions
  • How to manage cash flow and avoid cash constraints
  • How to plan for and manage your business growth
  • How to communicate effectively with bankers and financial lenders
  • How to ensure that you structure a loan that best-fits your business

Contact us by email: to find out more about how we can deliver a “numbers” presentation to your members that will motivate, engage and propel them to action. Your association’s members will benefit from the value that you provide in scheduling a Profit Mastery presentation.

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