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A Road Map to Profitability

Discover how to actively manage YOUR business to accomplish YOUR goals. Invest in yourself and your business.

What is Profit Mastery?

Profit Mastery is a financial performance system that will provide the differentiating point in the market that can catalyze your company’s success. Over the years, we have worked extensively with hundreds of companies, universities, trade associations, banks, pharmacies and franchise networks — large and small — to bring the Profit Mastery resources to thousands of their staff, customers, and prospects. Although originally perceived to be a training program, the real outcomes were actually centered around business performance, business development, and retention.

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Our Workshops

In our hands-on workshops you’ll learn to understand your financials, manage your business to increase profitability, and strengthen your relationship with your lender.

Who You Are

As a business owner, manager, or professional, you seek to maximize your profitability and confidence in financial management. You are looking for an accessible, engaging, real-world approach to developing your knowledge base and skills in business planning and profit mastery.

Learning Outcomes

In our program, you will analyze real-world business problems and uncover how to:

  • Overcome common business problems
  • Fully understand your financial position
  • Use tools to take active control of your finances
  • Make effective pricing decisions
  • Evaluate and manage cost patterns
  • Make your business bankable
  • Avoid cash crunches
  • Plan for transition
  • Strengthen your lender relationships

Our hands-on, case-study approach to workshop design has helped thousands of business owners and their advisors on several continents. Profit Mastery financial management workshops are delivered in our practical, plain-English style to ensure the highest knowledge transfer.

Workshop Packages


  • 2 day facilitated workshop
  • 3 months access to the streaming video course content

VIP Package:

  • 2 day facilitated workshop
  • 12 months access to the streaming video course content
  • Complimentary consultation
  • 25% discount on Profit Gap, our proprietary financial intelligence software

Both packages include our unique Participant’s Guide workbook and reference resource that contains all course materials, and offers substantial post-course support.



Please e-mail your questions to Tom Lewis at or call 778-846-1554 to see if the Profit Mastery Program is right for you and your business.

Can’t make the time commitment? Consider our Profit Mastery University Online Training – It’s just like being there!

Looking for an opportunity to increase your profitability while basking in the Okanagan sunshine? Check out our 5 Day Workshop Retreats.


Additional Benefits

  • Educational Courses are fully tax deductible
  • Some businesses may qualify for Canada BC Job Grant
  • Workshops qualify for 16 hours continuing education credits

Money-Back Guarantee

Attend our workshop and put our methods to the test. If you aren’t thrilled with the results over the next 365 days, just show us you used the tools as presented. If they don’t work as described, you’ll get your money back.

Tools To Succeed in Business

Business Owners can benefit from taking this course. The comprehensive information provide in this program provides business owners with the tools necessary to succeed in their businesses and be more profitable. Tom is very knowledgeable

Immediate Effective Impact

Profit Mastery was easily one of the best courses I've ever taken as a small business owner. It's impact on my financial knowledge was immediate and effective. I, suddenly, felt like I had a complete understanding of my whole business. I was able to...

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