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A Road Map to Profitability

Imagine if you could automatically and securely analyze your monthly financial statements to learn where your Profit and Cash Flow opportunities lie – and how to act on those opportunities?!

For the Profit Mastery System to work for your business you have to do the math you learned at our Profit Mastery workshop to see how your business is performing. Recognizing the challenges and the many hours needed to calculate all the metrics Financial Soft, in cooperation with Profit Mastery, has built Profit Gap to do the math for you.

Your monthly Profit Gap report contains all of the top-rated components of the Profit Mastery System: The Scorecard, Scorecard Trends, Benchmark Comparisons, The Roadmap, The Assessment, Break-Even Analysis and Financial Gap.

With Profit Gap, you will:

  • Receive monthly, Street Smart Analysis of your financial statements
  • Immediately see your Profit and Cash flow opportunities
  • See your business performance against your industry peers
  • Get actionable information from your QuickBooks software
    (note this software works with QuickBooks exclusively)

Profit Gap puts the full Profit Mastery financial management process into immediate action in a business. This online service securely connects with QuickBooks and automatically prepares an individual company Profit Mastery Scorecard (with benchmarking), Profit Mastery Road Map, Profit Mastery Assessment, Break-Even Analysis, and Financial Gap Analysis.

The monthly Profit Gap analysis allows you to immediately take corrective action on your vital areas – those that affect Cash flow and profitability.

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Entrepreneurs’ Organization

I recently reviewed a Profit Gap report with a fellow Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) member. It showed him in five minutes what a top-rated consultant hadn't been able to tell him in over three months! The value of Profit Gap to a CEO can not be...

Does it really work?

Profit Gap users have been amazed that the reports are so simple to run, so easy to understand and packed with actionable opportunities.

What is required to run my own Profit Gap analysis?

Profit Gap presently is compatible with businesses using QuickBooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online running on a PC.

What does Profit Gap cost?

Profit Gap is a subscription based service that features a custom monthly analysis and is specifically priced to provide positive R.O.I. for you from day one.
Monthly subscriptions are just $99.

Business owners who use this software on a consistent basis report their owner discretionary profit has increased by up to 30%.

If you are not convinced as to the value Profit Gap can provide your business, get a free report on your company and see for yourself!

But wait there’s more!

We’ll even review your first report FREE
with you online so that you are 100% comfortable that you’re interpreting the reports properly.

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