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Business Owners

"By far the BEST to share with owners, with tips to understand how to effectively run their business. If you are truly serious about improving your bottom line, you must have a handle on the topics discussed in this course."
James Burns, Territory Business Manager, Oreck

Over the last twenty years, thousands of business owners just like you have applied our proven techniques to their businesses, resulting in greater profits and improved cash flow. The information in this workshop will put you in control of your company’s finances and give you the ability to better communicate with your lenders if your business model requires borrowing.

Accountants and Bookkeepers

"An excellent class. As a practicing CPA who works exclusively with small businesses, I strongly recommend this seminar."
George Cammarota, CPA

Profit Mastery has been attended by thousands of CPAs over the last 25+ years to universally rave reviews.  The key financial management concepts taught in Profit Mastery can be the cornerstone of the consultation side of your practice.  This nationally acclaimed program meets requirements for 16 Continuing Professional Education credits for accountants.


“Profit Mastery is unique in its approach and stands out from the rest. Needless to say, if a small business person sees enough value to take a couple of days away from their business to attend a seminar, you have really accomplished something. We look forward to continuing to work together in the years ahead.”
J.W. Bowden, Executive VP,
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

In the increasingly competitive banking marketplace, banks are continuously striving to gain a competitive advantage. Clients expect their banker to provide financial advice that will make a difference and to be a resource for their business’s growth and success.

Profit Mastery puts the client and the banker on the “same sheet of music,” which results in a closer working relationship and effective communication - for both the business customer and the bank.  This close working business relationship leads to solid client retention, along with increased referrals.


“In the entire franchise industry, Home Instead Senior Care ranks highest in franchisee satisfaction, and is the company many franchisors wish to emulate.

Home Instead's endless dedication to their franchisees and
unit-level performance has put them in a very elite group of companies.

It's no coincidence that Home Instead uses the
Profit Mastery program, and I'm confident it has played a significant role in their continued success.”

Eric Stites, CEO and Managing Director,
Franchise Business Review

In the growing franchise community, the needs of the franchisees are numerous. The franchisor is called upon to develop new products and deliver a wide-spectrum of services - including a knowledgeable field staff, marketing and operational support, and training.

The delivery of all of these services requires that the advisory skills of the field staff be fine-tuned so that they are equipped to give appropriate and knowledgeable advice - including the “dollars and cents” of a franchise owner. We work with an expanding number of franchise networks because our Profit Mastery process is so effective at improving both the profitability and cash flow of an individual business and the network as whole.

The components include education, benchmark studies, peer performance groups and financial analysis tools. We deliver financial know-how in a straightforward approach.


“The end result after Profit Mastery is that
the dealers now have invaluable comparison figures
— something the industry has been lacking up until now.”

Betsy Kaufman, Deputy Director,
National Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association

Do you want to delight your Members? Want proven take–home value?

Profit Mastery has a 25+ year track record of driving trade association value by helping Members improve profitability, cash flow, and bankability.

To effectively serve their membership, trade association directors are frequently asked to:

While achieving these goals can be challenging in the best of times, when the dreaded topic of financial management comes up, a “how's that possible?” or “is that even possible?” response may come to mind. Somehow “finance” and “fun” are often seen as mutually exclusive. Profit Mastery is sought after by association networks worldwide.

Our work is unparalleled in the combined areas of practical financial education, Profit Mastery-authored benchmark studies, and peer performance groups. Our experience working with trade associations in a wide-range of industries over the last two-plus decades has given us perspective and a following.

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