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Tom Lewis, Profit Mastery Program Facilitator

Tom Lewis is the founder of Summit Fiscal Management Inc., a Vernon based company that provides financial management training to Entrepreneurs in the North Okanagan. During Tom’s 34 year banking career he developed his recognition of, and appreciation for, the challenges faced by business owners and their families. As a business account manager for the past 23 years, he is adept at assessing the strengths and weakness of a broad range of industries and recommending appropriate action to his clients.

Tom was introduced to Profit Mastery eight years ago through his work in business banking and has used those tools to help his clients gain a stronger understanding of their numbers and better manage their businesses. Tom also provides business consulting services and works closely with his clients to provide guidance and resources for successful business financial planning and management.

Tom Lewis

Tom is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and a big believer in staying connected to his community and shopping local, this extends to supporting local charities. Tom has served as the Chair of Access Youth Services Society who runs a mobile drop in centre for teens. Tom sets ambitious goals for himself and has climbed both Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa and Machu Picchu in Peru.

Steve LeFever, Profit Mastery Program Founder

Finance = boring. For Steve LeFever, this equation doesn’t work.

With a superior command of his subject material, he makes finance compelling, interesting, and funny. Steve’s unique ability to take complex topics and translate them into plain English separates him from the crowd.

Our clients routinely tell us they never expected to take away so much new knowledge from a keynote speech. Steve has a rare skill – being able to motivate business owners and advisors to enthusiastically explore the financial workings of a business and change the areas that need changing. Steve will make you believe that finance ≠ boring; instead you’ll agree with him when he says, “Finance is fun!”


Steve LeFever

Part comedian, part financial manager, former commercial banker, entrepreneur, and 100% world-class presenter, Steve drives home his message with a no-nonsense, laugh-out-loud approach that makes him the top-rated presenter at virtually every conference he attends. For over 20 years, Steve has combined humor and practical knowledge in hard-hitting, substantive presentations. His ratings currently rank him as the highlight of our clients’ conventions in a wide spectrum of industries. An internationally-recognized author and advocate for independent business, Steve’s book, “Profit Mastery: Knowledge- Driven Financial Performance” has sold over one million copies. Steve has traveled widely, and the Profit Mastery program has been presented on three continents in eight languages over two decades to hundreds of thousands of business owners, managers, commercial bankers, accountants, and business coaches.

Compelling Subject Matter – Financial management education is repeatedly cited as the single greatest need for business owners across all industries. Steve LeFever is the acknowledged expert on the subject. Our educational programs take the mystery out of the numbers. Audience members with differing levels of expertise will gain specific tools that can be applied immediately to improve the financial health of their companies.

Industry Knowledge – Steve possesses a breadth of knowledge and experience in banking, finance, and small business management. His work with the Risk Management Association (RMA), the Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC), and financial institutions around the globe help keep his insights sharp and his information relevant to business owners, operators, and managers.

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