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Profit Mastery financial training provides you with proven business profitability strategies and business consulting services to support, and grow, your company’s financial and operational strength.

If you’re a business owner or senior financial manager, you need a financial plan for your business that supports both growth and success. Profit Mastery’s unique financial management resources provide you with industry-specific data and benchmarks. The financial training program delivers not only basic financial concepts; it also develops your ability to increase your financial intelligence and build an achievable profit plan for your business. Learning how to manage the business challenges of fast growth, or no growth, new product introductions, inventory management, receivables management, are all topics that are discussed and reviewed.

If you’re a franchisor, you need to support your franchisees and help them review their financial statements and find their best-fit profitability and cash flow opportunities. With Profit Mastery, you can provide them with proven business profitability strategies, help them to understand financial management and control, improve bankability, and show them how to develop a financial plan that can be applied immediately.

If you’re a business banker, you can help your clients grow successfully. We work with financial institutions to provide you with powerful and practical financial education for business clients and prospects. We focus on credit quality and business development, creating strong financial management resources for staff and clients.

If you’re a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), the key financial management concepts taught in Profit Mastery can be the cornerstone of the consultation side of your practice. CPAs who have taken the course often refer the financial training program to their clients; providing them with an exceptional business resource.

If you’re the Executive Director or Manager of an Industry or Trade Association, we can provide you with the best financial management courses, tools and solutions to help your members learn how to improve their business’ profitability.

The Return on Your Investment?

Profit Mastery’s business profitability and financial training helps your business grow stronger financially. It also helps you to communicate more effectively with your lender by enabling you to build and present a financial plan that lenders can support.

Discover a whole new way of looking at the ‘numbers’ in your business; with that new look you will make better business decisions and experience better financial and business results.

Many Entrepreneurs who have taken our training and implemented our systems have seen net profit increased of as much as 30%.

Invest in your business and yourself.

Contact Tom Lewis at Profit Mastery for more information on our financial management training and business consulting services.

Instrumental to Educate Franchisees

Profit Mastery tools and resources were instrumental in helping us educate our franchisees on the critical issues.

Kept Us Interested and Engaged

Tom was a wonderful facilitator when our staff attended his Profit Mastery course. He kept us interested and engaged and was friendly and helpful throughout the course. I would recommend Tom to any business owner that wants to learn more about assessing...

Tools To Succeed in Business

Business Owners can benefit from taking this course. The comprehensive information provide in this program provides business owners with the tools necessary to succeed in their businesses and be more profitable. Tom is very knowledgeable


During our interactive workshops, you’ll learn how to better understand your financials (and how to see them from a lender’s point of view) and how to manage your business to increase profitability. We help you to make better decisions, choose better actions, experience better results and discover how to better manage your business to accomplish your goals.

JE Engineering Services

Profit Mastery University Online

Profit Mastery University (PMU) Online will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to help your business achieve financial success – on your own schedule. This financial training program is designed for the busy business owner or business professional to fit into their schedule.

Bridge Outdoors on Online Course

The “Fun” in Functional Learning

5-day Tour and Transformation Workshop gives you the opportunity to benefit from our proven business profitability strategies while also exploring the riches of Vernon tourism and the sunny Okanagan. Beginning each day with engaging morning training sessions, we finish off the afternoon and evenings with fun and sun, whisking you away on a wine tour, a gorgeous hike, a round of golf, or a horseback ride.

Financial Intelligence on Demand

Profit Mastery offers a software solution that automatically and securely analyzes your monthly financial statements and shows you areas of weakness and strength and highlights where to focus for the best profit and cash flow opportunities. This solution is called Profit Gap (TM) and it uses the comprehensive Profit Mastery financial management process.

Profit Gap Financial Analysis

Business Plans

Most Entrepreneurs see writing a business plan as a gargantuan task ~ especially if they haven’t written one before…and if you need a business plan to get a bank loan, getting this document right is absolutely essential. If you need help, I have 23 years of business banking experience and use that knowledge to produce professional plans that work.

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